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    She stepped behind a tree, not wanting to follow him into the building.
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  • Charlotte drew her hands beneath his arms, her fingers splaying against his shoulders and felt his strength, the lean muscles bridging the graceful span between his spine and limbs beneath the heavy wool of his coat. It s just hard to find a man who is as good to women as you are, Dad.
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  • These seemed to increase in strength after each time she was with him. You d be surprised at how many people think it s my fault that their equipment isn t working right.
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  • Charlotte blinked at it, stunned; the round from James's pistol had struck it squarely and it had crimped at the forceful impact, nearly crumpling inward on itself. Where did Masters William and Lewis go? she asked Albert as she searched.
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    I told you he would bloody find some excuse, his business in London, or what have you! How could he return to his correct 30 Meant To Be time?
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  • She wanted to pummel him with her fists and curse him. There are some things that are meant to be and some things that are not.
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    I don't need to be starting something up with someone who may or may not be evil.
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  • She was speaking from one human being to another, not considering that one of them wasn t mortal. There is something I need to confess to you, but after I get you home.
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  • Tasting her pure warm blood just heightened the ecstasy as she shuddered with pleasure beneath him.
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  • If anyone in the Essex County social circles had taken notice of the fact that Charlotte's pregnancy seemed to come about within a very narrow timeframe-only weeks following her wedding to Kenley Fairfax, Baron Theydon in early November--neither Charlotte nor Will were the wiser for it.
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  • Megan and Miriam were in such a hurry to get back last night, Miriam left her dish behind. Since their initial schedule and chores were set up, he had been abiding by his part of the deal.
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  • His mouth started to water simultaneously with 13 Lietha Wards the stirring in his groin. She turned to Blake and reached for his shirt sleeve.
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