Gail Shinaberry's Birthday 2009

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    They re now my parents too, so I get as much rights as you do. Her tears weren t fake, and neither was the regret in her eyes.
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  • She wore a short red dress with over the shoulder spaghetti straps that fit nicely to her form.

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  • He turned his head to meet her gaze, and he smiled again--damn him--rendering her nearly breathless.
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  • She knew he did most of his business at night.
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  • He found a large rock by the river and sat on it.

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  • Gradually, the tiny talons receded back into her paws and her fur laid flat. Lewis received an honorable discharge from His Majesty's service and came home to Essex.
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  • His night was spent on a theatre rooftop, watching people file in and out of the building.
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  • The only reason he got as far as he did in school was because of his athletic ability.
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  • Megan screamed and tried to shake the cat off of her. Ted sighed, wondering what in the world it was going to take to bring her out of her self-imposed prison.
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  • It s just that I ve had a few more years in dealing with men of his caliber. But there she was walking up to him without even hesitating.
  • This was fun in high school and college but it s not fun anymore.
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  • As someone announced the arrival of the train, he stood up and grabbed his travel bag. He has kept from our circles rather neatly all of these years.
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  • Kenley looked down at her, the smile she had only moments ago found engaging now rendering her incensed. It s as if you speak your thoughts out loud.
  • They reinforce commands, but I m careful when I use them.
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    The way the sloppy and dirty man drooled over her had him reconsidering her fate.
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  • Prop. could have possibly been James's personal shorthand for the Wake Arms, a popular inn and pub in the village of Epping proper. When Valear changes someone like me, I also become powerful, but less powerful than Valear.
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