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  • He cried out hoarsely, doubling over at the waist, his hands falling away from her. You--I kiss and offer to marry, and you puzzle over it, seeking some motive.
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  • Because the way it looks to me, we both have a problem and we both have a solution. He chuckled The car happened to be a stretched black Hummer.
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  • They didn t look that scary, so he 84 Meant To Be figured he might enjoy the chance to ride one because as soon as he returned to his own time, he d be back to driving cars.
  • Lucas reached out and placed a hand on his large shoulder.

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    I'll do it, Dayne said, holding out his hand for the knife.
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  • Maybe the stones that she had seen on the castle stuck out enough to give her 228 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story something to grasp on to. More embarrassed than he cared to admit, Ryan apologized on her behalf and politely excused himself so he could drop Cindy and Maxine off at the party and say good-bye to them for good.
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  • There s nothing waiting for me back there, but I might have something waiting for me here. Surely, these were the sweetest words she had ever heard uttered, in her regard, or any other.

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  • You were the only woman there and you managed to cause enough of a ruckus so that Charles couldn t kill anyone.
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  • He pulled her inside and closed the door behind them. You have already tried your hand at choosing for yourself, and look what has come of it, she said.

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