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  • She felt James catch the ruffled trim of her engageante, and when she turned, his hand shifted, closing firmly about her arm. He had several others quickly clear away the broken debris in Lucas room and wash the blood from the walls and furniture.
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  • He cried out hoarsely, doubling over at the waist, his hands falling away from her. The door flew off the hinges, across the hall into the wall where it embedded itself.
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  • All she had to do was deliver this note to Lucas. Roding Castle was the Earl of Essex's home, and James's besides, and the place where Margaret would proffer her vows in three days time on Sunday.
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  • Lucas leapt on top of him, his powerful protective instinct changing him into his true self, I want you to suffer, Lucas voice boomed in the room, for all you ve done to me and 387 Lietha Wards mine!
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  • He could feel her stirring but he didn t want to rush it, she would be out of sorts for a moment or two.
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  • Lucas had the right to have a few hours alone, but it would only take a few hours for the rebels to kill him. Do you want me to stop? he said, his voice little more than a rumbled murmur from his throat.
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  • The February sun melted the snow into piles of slush as cars drove on the streets.
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  • Charlotte gasped for breath, nearly gagging, as she rolled over.
  • It could be a routine check, though she KEPT 67 had no idea why the preternatural border patrol would do something so obviously sinister if they weren't sure they had someone trying to cross the border.
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