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  • Before she knew it he was pulling her up to him effortlessly. She joined them as they showed her the small dining room with a table long enough to seat six people and a wooden chair for each spot.
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  • It was revealing, but it was still very graceful and unbelievably comfortable. A complete understatement, I can understand why Lucas would take a fancy to her.
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  • The scene that had just occurred seemed to be a distant blur to her. He appeared in front of her as she reached for the handle, Escape was never an option.
    It took some digging but she did find a pretty yellow and green sundress that suited her more than the rest of Linda s clothes and pulled it over her head. If you were as you claim--a gentleman of some meritorious character--you would not resort to highway robbery, Charlotte said, shrugging against the back of the coach to draw away from him.
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  • She lifted Elsa s head and helped her swallow the pills followed by a drink of water.
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  • As he held her, Reilly's eyes swept the table, settling briefly upon James Houghton, and he laughed softly.
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    However, she still had to get through the grounds and over the large stone wall that surrounded the estate.
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  • She couldn t remember being accosted by this much smoke since she went to a bar a decade ago. Only this one would get her foot in the door at the paper.
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    Not only that, she couldn t approach them and ask them to let her out. It was the words he was waiting to hear and he basked in them.
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    Anything so she wouldn't have to make the choice to throw herself at him.
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