Gail Shinaberry's Birthday 2009

  • She rode a distance until she felt she had granted Lewis and Will a safe enough lead upon her, and she reined the roan southwest again, making for Beech Hill.
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    Gabriel had left on Lucas orders to go and check the rest of 359 Lietha Wards the house for any other casualties.
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    She grabbed Ted s arm, inadvertently digging her nails into his skin. Elsa blushed and started feeling extremely guilty, Linda, I have something else to tell you.
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    She reached up and tipped Elsa s mouth closed, I am more than just a Head housemaid, I am a former governess. Simon grabbed her and tossed her out of the circle.
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    She was tremendously grateful to him, whatever his reasons, but in her heart, she knew she could not see even that marriage through.
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  • She did not understand; she closed her eyes and damned herself for her innocence and inexperience.

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  • Love her heart, Charlee thought she was still operating in a human world with democratic rules. I saw the laundry soap commercial and thought it was well done.
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    As she lay in bed, she was grateful to have the day finally end. Greta watched the bodies drop, and then one solitary therian stood still in fur, golden cat eyes staring through the flames, before backing up and taking a running leap over the wall of fire.
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  • Ted was enjoying the dance more than he should, especially considering the fact that he had two left feet and occasionally stepped on Megan s toes.
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