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  • Linda was surprised that the guards at the front gate waved them through. Esther s lips formed a thin line and she shook her head in grave disapproval.
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  • His whole sanity was lost in the moment over the need to feed. He had no intention of staying with her longer than the necessary four months.
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  • Valear read his thoughts, Mortal lives are expendable in view of ours.
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    Ted stood up seeing the words sting Elsa and register on her expression, I ve think you ve said enough.
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  • Master William had an early morning visitor arrive little more than an hour ago, a rather severe-looking gentleman with whom he had to meet. I have to make sure he gets enough to eat.
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    Esther wiped the sides of her mouth with her napkin and put the cloth back on her lap.
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  • When you re married, we can include you, Esther replied, shooing her away with her hand. She went back to her room and couldn t find anything remotely appeasing when she dug through her closet.
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  • She immediately threw the note back into the box and shoved the box under the bed.
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  • She watched silently as she spoke without hesitation and answered his curious questions about her.
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  • Lucas Edwards couldn t possibly have business 342 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story here in the middle of the night. I m complimenting you on your ability to get my attention as far away from sex as possible.
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  • Not only that, he didn t want to encourage her to have a relationship with him.
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  • Because she was tired of being alone all the time. Lucas made it clear, that he would support a well trained healthy staff and gave Fred the position of Chief Administrator making crucial decisions on who to hire and how the hospital was managed.
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  • She turned away from him for a moment, in thought, then turned back to face him, I have worked all my life to get where I am now.
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  • He abruptly stood and backed away resisting the demonic urges.
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  • Her knowledge of his betrayal wasn't enough for a body that still trusted him. Pardon me, my lord, Charlotte said as he moved to close the door.
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  • Though your part will be limited since you re not an interior designer.