Gail Shinaberry's Birthday 2009

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  • He could not have even made it yet, much less turned 'round and returned, Charlotte murmured, turning loose of the bedpost. As long as he got that chip, he could insert it into the device and go to any time he wanted.
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  • For one thing, he'd been wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt.

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  • He sat up, and spoke his thoughts out loud, Now I know what Valear was referring to. He d made a small fortune playing cards and was ready to go.
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  • A man with such a past, even though of peerage birth, is certainly one whose company should be discouraged.
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  • She slipped her thumb against the doghead and pulled the hammer back, cocking it.
  • Before Ryan could respond, Cindy gracefully made her way over to him and asked, Can you take me and Maxine to Rita s party? She'd folded her legs up underneath her, and now she unfolded them, crossing them primly, allowing one thigh to peek out of the dress.
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  • If I dance, it tends to be a friendly one. I can set my personal opinion aside when it comes to someone s work.
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